Emojis: The Best (And Worst) Ones To Get Dates

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Singles of 2020! Is it YOU or is it your emoji?!

Since ALL dating is online dating now, Clover examined interactions from dating app users to find what the BEST (and worst) emojis are to use to break the ice and land yourself a date! If you can get chatty with more potential dates, why not? And if your matches/dates are online or within 6 feet of each other, you’re staying safe!

Let’s get to the juicy part

The emojis that men and women are using and replying to are actually starkly different!

“What we find surprising is how different genders and age groups use these emojis to break the ice. It seems women may be using emojis to make their first message pop, while men may be relying entirely on emojis to say hi!”

Isaac Raichyk, CEO Clover

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Try one of these emojis out (at your own risk 😉 ) on the Clover Dating app and see who bites!

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