Does Being Vaccinated Get You More Dating App Matches?

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What makes someone ‘matchable’? Is it their approachable vibe? Their chill bio? What about their smile? Or maybe, it’s their sense of humor? Or is it their vaccination history?

Yep – being vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus might actually make you a hot-ter commodity.

This isn’t shocking really considering the pandemic has affected other dating behaviors, so why not this one? In fact, it’s not only affected singles and how they date, it’s also affected relationships.

In addition to this, came out with a recent poll and more than 86% of people said that they are intentionally looking for someone who is vaccinated.

That’s not the only data pointing to that, OKCupid has come forward that being vaccinated (or planning to be) has increased matches by 14%.

It’s perfect timing considering vaccines are being rolled out like crazy in the USA right now!

President Joe Biden’s goal to vaccinate 70% of American adults with at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine by July 4 is ambitious but it looks like we might just get there?

Right now, according to NPR, since May 28, 2021, 40% of the Amrerican population have been fully vaccinated! 

The more people get vaccinated, the faster things can “go back to normal”. Which means real life in-person dates are going to be a constant thing again and I don’t know if it’s just me, but I’ve kind of forgotten how to do it?

Luckily, we’ve written up this post-pandemic date guidebook to set up the perfect date!

Get ready, because #HotVaxSummer is sooner than we think!

Have you gotten vaccinated? Are you looking for a vaccinated partner? Let us know in the comments!

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H/T: LA Mag

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