Did You Know That Shirtless Dating Profile Pics Hurt You Rather Than Help You?

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Dating.com polled users to determine whether or not posing without a shirt in your dating profile was a faux pas. And OH BOY, the disconnect!

Drum roll…the findings are in!

  • On average, guys with shirtless pics had 25% fewer matches but nearly 90% of them believed that shirtless pics would increase their chances of landing a match.
  • 66% of women thought shirtless pics imply a lack of maturity and self-awareness.
  • 76% of women said they’d be more unlikely to consider dating a man with shirtless pics with the intention of a committed relationship. 15% would be open to hookups and 9% would consider a friendship.
  • 3/5 male dating profiles contained at least one shirtless pic. (Oh, boy!)
  • 1/5 female profiles contains at least one bathing suit shot. This same group of women had more than a 40% increase in overall match rates, compared to their covered up counterparts.
  • LGBTQ+ members are 4x more likely to include a shirtless pic in their dating profile.

What do you do with this info? Whatever the hell you want!

Keep the shirtless selfies if that’s what really makes you feel confident and good! But this info is pretty damn telling that maybe they aren’t the best choice and might be giving off the wrong impression, so try something new and see what bites!


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