Dating Experts Reveal 8 Easy Changes To Your Dating Profile To Get WAY More Dates

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Dating apps have made dating a lot more convenient. You can meet new people with the tap of an app, from your home, from a different country, and even in your pjs! But the one difficulty with online dating is that you’re competing with hundreds of thousands of other people for the attention of the same people. So, how do you get yourself to stand out?

Don’t take it from me, take it from a few dating experts in our industry who’ve revealed some tricks to zhuzh up your profile to land more (and better suited) dates.

For those of you who had no idea what zhuzh meant

1. Take realistic and authentic pictures of yourself

Experts recommend to be honest about your height, weight, age, or any other points of insecurities you may have. The real you is beautiful, silly!!

I know Instagram and Facebook has made us think that curated images of our “perfect” lives are the way to go, but they’re not. I’m sure you’ve noticed this shift on your own feeds–the move from perfectly curated and filtered images to genuine snaps that promote authenticity, transparency and an honest reflection of your fun, messy, sad but real life.

This same shift toward authenticity has begun on dating apps, too! People want to see the real you before meeting the real you! Which like, fair lol.

Plus, the more authentic you are, the better you can find someone better suited for you, too!

2. Short and sweet profiles are the way to go

Every profile should have three things you want people to find out about you, two things you wish to find in them, and one thing you hope to find together: ‘I am A, B, C, looking for X, Y, let’s run around the world and find or do Z,’

Brian Howie, Creator of The Great Love Debate

Nothing I say will add value to this INCREDIBLE insight so I’m just gonna leave this here:

3. Give some details on the things you’re passionate about that make you, you!

By giving someone a better idea of what you love, what makes you happy and who you are, you’ll be able to catch the eye of someone who is just as interested or passionate about the same things/causes as you!

Wanna double whammy it? Use Clover’s match filters to tailor matches to what you’re looking for in a partner. This’ll help you find a partner who has the qualities you’re looking for.

4. Your photos should show you doing some of the interests you mention in your bio

Not only does it just emphasize visually what you’ve said in your bio, it also gives the other person a jumping point to start a conversation with you!

5. Be confident and be positive!

Positivity attracts way more than negativity! Put yourself out there in a confident, positive manner and your inbox will be FLOODED.

6. Make sure you have a variety of photos

Color, style, and variety of photo types (headshots, full body shots, action shots) are important af, don’t get it twisted! You’re a multifaceted human being, showcase that with your gallery. Like a peacock, you gotta attract a mate somehow, right?

When it comes to photos, I suggest dressing in simple, but popping colors, smiling genuinely, looking into the lens, having at least one full-body shot, and having at least one interesting thing in the shot that represents you

Destin Pfaff, founder of Love and Matchmaking

7. Connect your social media accounts

Just like that blue “verified” checkmark on Instagram, the more people can get a glimpse at your day-to-day life and prove that you are in fact who you say you are, the more people will be willing to meet up with you on a date. It’s a level of reassurance that can really make a difference when deciding to meet with someone.

Connecting your Instagram or Facebook to your bio allows a person to give you bonus time over the three to 30 seconds they spent on your profile

Destin Pfaff

8. Get those summertime pics in!

A survey in 2013 found that 60% of men and 82% of women were deemed more attractive in summer photos than in pictures taken in the winter. Which, like, legit, since you’re more likely to be doing fun outdoorsy stuff, getting that sweet vitamin D and relaxing!

H/T: Business Insider

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