Dating Expert Shares The Best Pick Up Line That Totally Worked On Her And Why

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Mustering the courage to talk to a random stranger during the tail-end (we hope?) of a pandemic is hard but some people just have that magic, you know?

Luckily for us, the internet exists and now everyone could take this magic with them with these tips. And no, you don’t have to follow it verbatim, just hit similar vibes and check the right boxes, and you should be good.

As a dating expert, Simone Grossman has heard her share of pick up lines but what made this one good enough for her to upload it to TikTok to go viral?

Grossman, a dating expert at Three Day Rule, spilled the tea on her latest pick up line experience. She divulged what he did to make it so great and how he ditched the creepy vibes.

For context, Grossman was waiting for her friend in a park when this man approached her to start up a conversation! And it’s the way he did it that made all the difference!

These are all the things he did to make that experience so lovely, she says:

  1. He kept his distance and stayed 8 feet away from her. She always felt like her personal space was respected.
  2. He gave “good vibes” from the start because his “pick-up line” wasn’t about her looks. It was about the calm energy she gave off instead!
  3. His opener also gave her an ‘out’ so if she felt like she didn’t want to talk to him, she didn’t feel pressured to.
  4. He waited until her friend showed up before officially asking her for her number. He intuitively knew she would feel more comfortable being honest with her answer if a friend was there as witness.

Here’s the full video from the dating expert herself!


Shout out to a lovely Canadian man named Martin who put himself out there today 🙃

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