Online Dating After The Pandemic Has Actually Been Better

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Bumble came through with some great news about post-pandemic dating! It’s quite shocking to hear the words ‘positive impact’ with the term pandemic, but hey, it’s apparently a thing!

Following over a year of social distancing measures for many, 91% of those surveyed believe that there’s no more stigma attached to online dating or through a dating app!

In fact, an overwhelming 65% believe it’s possible to fall in love with someone you’ve never met in person…Love Is Blind style!

Those surveyed also explained that virtual dates, to them, feel much safer to engage with before meeting in person. It kind of acts as a little buffer to get a feel for their vibe and who they are before jumping in!

Things like Clover’s Date2Go feature quickly sends a date invitation to your crush for them to accept or reject! It can set up an in-person date or a video date through the app itself!

In addition, 1 in 3 people enjoy virtual dating because it saves time and money which Millennials and Gen Z’s can’t seem to get enough off these days!

Not to mention 1 in 4 appreciate that they only have to get *somewhat* ready for a video date. Lastly, 51% said that they are updating and refreshing their dating profile right now.

Did you also know that updating your profile to mention you’re vaccinated actually increases your matches post-pandemic?

OKCupid has come forward that being vaccinated (or planning to be) has increased matches by 14%!

The reason being, people are probably looking for people with shared values. Someone who has gotten vaccinated probably wouldn’t want to date someone who doesn’t align with that value.

“Some people have straight up said that in their profile that they’re an anti-vaxxer,” said Paul Smith, dating app user. “And obviously it’s a good thing, probably they’re looking for someone with similar views.”

And right now, according to NPR, sinceJune,21 2021, 45.1% of the American population have been fully vaccinated!

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