Couples Are Moving At A Faster Pace Because Of COVID-19’s Lockdown

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‘Excuse me?’ Was probably your first thought and, yes you read that right. Couples have actually gotten serious, faster, because of the pandemic.

A study was just done of over 2,000 18+ people in the UK and it found that 63% said their relationship was stronger after living together during lockdown and 58% even said that they KNOW they want to be with their partner forever. These relationships have been coined ‘turbo-relationships’.


And wait, there’s more.

59% of couples felt more committed to each other after dealing with a global pandemic together. Which if you think about it, makes sense. This is a pretty big, global, event. And if you’re thinking it’s just because “they’re in their ‘honeymoon’ phase”, it’s not. Even in more established couples, 42% of couples really liked the quality time they’ve been able to spend together.

More than a third of those surveyed said that 2 months together felt like 2 years of commitment.

Of course, some couples aren’t doing too hot post-quarantine; 14% in this study realized that their relationship wouldn’t last! But that’s okay, too! The faster you realize what’s best for you the faster you can start heading there.

How did they do it?


Well, we have no idea what the ‘secret’ to their success was. But here are some helpful tips that are still beneficial post-quarantine. Why? Well, thanks for asking.


So it’ll still apply for right now.

Stay positive!

While acknowledging it’s pretty hard to “focus on the positive” right now, try to. It’s important. Or else you’ll find you and your partner fighting constantly for no reason (been there, done that).

If your partner is frustrating you by forgetting things like doing the dishes (ugh, yes, again). Instead of focusing on what they didn’t do, try to refocus on what they did do.


Did they do a bunch of research on anti-racism on their own without being prompted? Win! Did they take out the garbage? Win! Did they actually put the toilet seat down this morning?! Win!

According to Dr Jennifer B Rhodes, a licensed clinical psychologist and relationship coach, “it’s really just a shift in mindset,” Rhodes explains. “Rather than seeing your partner’s flaws because they didn’t put the laundry in the hamper or haven’t showered, focus on ‘I’m happy we’re together’ or my partner is doing the dishes or ‘I really like that you’re keeping up on the facts about the virus.’”

“Figure out ways to keep more positive because we’re all absorbing negative energy right now,” she added.

How have your relationships been faring?

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H/T: Independent, SkyNews

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