Boosting Self-Esteem Increases Your Chances Of A Successful Relationship

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Author: Katlyn Peterson

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As you start dating, your level of self-esteem impacts on relationship satisfaction, and can even predict its success. Low self-esteem affects how you see yourself, but it can also have an effect on your relationships with other people. Although being in a healthy and successful relationship can ultimately play a key role in improving your self-esteem, feeling more confident about yourself before you start dating means you’ll be more open to new interactions, make better choices for yourself, and even be better company. Growing in confidence through being open to new experiences and more mindful behavior can help you gain greater psychological flexibility, an essential component of any future successful relationship. So whether you’re looking for your first love or getting ready to date again after a break up, take some time to boost your self-esteem so that you’re in the best position to move forward with your love life. 

Physical Exercise Builds Confidence

The mental and physical health benefits of a less sedentary lifestyle are well known, but if you have a busy work life and spend long hours sitting at a desk, the thought of exercise might not seem like a priority to you. You could start by swapping to a standing desk, which, because of its potential health benefits, could be covered by funds from a health savings account. As well as addressing health concerns associated with sitting all day, taking just a few minutes to undertake some form of physical exercise can also help to alleviate low self-esteem and discourage social withdrawal. While you shouldn’t feel like you have to change your appearance before dating, exercising will help you to have greater respect for your body and what it can achieve. The resulting feeling of accomplishment can raise your self-esteem. It can also give you the confidence to try new experiences, which could lead to more positive social interactions and better long-term relationships. 

Mindful Thinking Increases Self-Respect

As well as getting in shape physically, before you enter into a new relationship, it can be useful to take time out to mentally reflect on your life and your hopes for the future. However, if you’re over-critical and prone to negative thinking, then your self-esteem will suffer. There may be some aspects of your personality or lifestyle that you can easily work on improving. These could include getting more sleep or making more of an effort to stay in touch with friends. However, for those things that can’t be changed, try replacing negative thoughts with a positive list of your personality traits, achievements and features that you love and are proud of. Not only will you feel better about yourself, but if you are happy and accept yourself as you are, then it will be easier for other people to do the same. 

Before you start dating again, try taking time out for some self-care to boost your self-esteem. Any form of exercise is beneficial both physically and mentally, and by practicing mindful thinking, you will feel more positive about yourself. In first maintaining a healthy relationship with yourself, it’ll be much easier to connect with someone else in the future.

After almost a decade working in family law, Katlyn decided to take a step back to spend more time with her family. Today, she enjoys contributing to a range of websites, sharing her personal and professional knowledge on the topics that matter to her. 

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