Are You Talking Politics On Dating Apps? It Might be Hindering Your Success

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As an individual, I’m one of the most opinionated humans on the planet and I have zero shame in discussing politics. However, what I have learned is, I gotta roll it out slowly to not completely scare the shit out of potential partners or friends.

And listen, if you’re not down to talk ‘politics’ ask yourself why!

Is it because it doesn’t affect your life directly? If so, caring about other people is okay and is an integral part of being human.

Is it because you don’t feel educated enough to do so and don’t know where to start? Well, change that! You have a world of knowledge at your fingertips and it’s never too late to learn.

However, with that being said, maybe the best time to talk about politics isn’t in the opening message….or on the app at all.

According to this study, saw a 43% increase in users discussing politics and political matters. With the COVID-19 pandemic and protests happening on home soil and globally, the world feels like it’s going through a transitional phase right now. So it makes sense that people are talking about it.

The issue with the increase in political discourse on their site, is that it might actually be hindering your chances of finding love.

So, who did they survey?!

2,000 people in the US were surveyed and found that more than 50% would actually ghost someone for bringing up politics.

While I’m sure not everyone is so turned off by political discourse, 84% of singles did say that they wouldn’t date someone who shares the same political views as them. Which, duh.

That’s why Clover has an entire matching filter system based on the values YOU think are important to find you love.

Being on the same page with important values is key to a happy, balanced relationship.

Women care way more than men about having similar political views in a partner

67% of those who would not date outside their political affiliation were women! Look at women setting boundaries, LOVE TO SEE IT! 

Part of it could be because 67% of people reported that a previous relationship ended because of misaligned political opinions.

So how do you gauge whether someone is politically aligned with you or not?

Well, maybe don’t hop into the topic of politics or immediately start grilling them figuring out where they stand. Instead, casually mention how important you find voting is, for example, in your bio! Or make a witty joke implying the importance of aligned political views in dating you!

Hop on to Clover and try subtly hinting you’re into ‘the P’ (politics), in your bio!

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H/T: Insider

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