Are Dating Apps Making Marriages Stronger? Researchers Seem To Think So!

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The Wall Street Journal just came out with some wicked cool news for those of you dating around using apps like the Clover Dating App. All signs in research point to online dating having a positive impact on marriages!

Weird, right? It’s not actually that weird when we dive into the data.

According to research conducted in 2013, the University of Chicago found that couples who met online had higher “relationship quality” and a 25% lower rate of divorce. The reason being: online dating (which can lead to fairly anonymous online communication) creates a safe space for self-disclosure and more feelings of affection, compared to face-to-face communication. A study conducted in 2017 confirmed this by proving that marriages created online like via a dating app are less likely to break up in the first year than marriages that blossomed organically.

Online dating just leads to stronger connections and more compatible relationships and marriages. A huge factor in this: that part of online dating where you text for a little bit to get to know each other more before meeting in person. People feel safer to communicate their true intentions, feelings and thoughts when behind the comfort of a screen; which means that you get to know them way better than you would someone you meet in real life.

If you’ve been too nervous to give online dating a shot, download the Clover Dating app. You’ll be able to see other people’s intentions and be clear about your own! Not only that but using Clover’s match filters will help weed out the things you don’t want, getting you closer to the person you do want!

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