All Dating Is Online Dating: Now What?

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Remember before quarandating when some people still stigmatized online dating, but now it’s everyone’s only option?

When self-quarantine is over, we’re hoping there’ll be less stigma and more open-mindedness (and this goes beyond the realm of dating, too!).

But how does a single person navigate being unable to wine and dine in the funnest pub and being unable to touch anyone while also still trying to date? Kind of a brain teaser.

Honestly, the transition from being able to date irl to not may seem scarier and more convoluted than it actually is. But, isn’t everything though?

Does in person really matter when you’ve got video chat?

On Clover alone, there’s been a 25% increase in people meeting at ‘their own houses’; which means dating hasn’t really stopped, it’s just gone video!

In fact, usage of the on-demand dating feature that sets up dates instantly has increased by 22% since quarandating begun.

And since news of the outbreak, the Clover Dating app has seen a 30% surge in new singles! People are bored in the house, bored in the house, bored! So why the hell not? And contrary to popular belief, not being able t physically touch each other may actually be the best time to try online dating (experts think so, too!)

Why? Quarandating is basically having your own Love Is Blind show and provides the opportunity to actually get to know people. Yeah, you’re stuck in two different pods but who cares? You’re in your PJs, be thankful.

The less focus on physical meet-ups means everyone’s priorities have shifted to being less superficial

WeezyWTF from Whoreible Decisions gave us a peek at what that might look like for the average single American:

So many times we swipe so fast, because of the instant gratification
of knowing that we can meet someone that night. Apps can be such a
blanket for loneliness, almost a numbers game. But now we’re being
pushed to actually connect from a deeper level, find out someone’s
real interests, what makes them tick, and not just aesthetics.

WeezyWTF, Whoreible Decisions

Singles actually have the time to get to know each other beyond the physical; since the physical is currently impossible right now, it’s been de-escalated in terms of priority. So strike while the iron’s hot and make that personality shine!

And, the physical isn’t TOTALLY gone! People are still satiating ‘face’ time by interacting on video calls!

FaceTime is a natural go-to for tons of singles but there have been so many innovative ways to interact, recently! Some being Houseparty, virtual tours of world-famous museums, and even cooking with world-renowned chef, Massimo Bottura, on Instagram!

In fact, physical distancing has, in some cases, brought people even closer together.

Plus, COVID-19 does NOT kill chivalry!

Because you’re SO limited with quarandating on what to do to impress your date, it forces you to get creative! You can’t do a basic video chat forever to lockdown a quarantined QT, so step up your creative A-game!

 I’ve seen a bunch of people online sending cash apps for
drinks, delivery orders, just like they would if they were dating in
what used to be our normal. Getting creative is key during this point
in time and I think that everybody should stretch that muscle and show
their date how much fun this temporary moment can be!

@weezywtf, Whoreible Decisions Podcast

So, next time your friend complains, tell them it’s totally possible to impress an online cutie by spicing up a video date and still being safe! Never ask nor give out home addresses no matter how sweet the intention. For safety’s sake, stick to e-transfers to put toward the date!

And last, but definitely not least, the Coronavirus has become a huge icebreaker on dating apps

Everyone and their mother is talking about COVID-19; it’s all news outlets and social media platforms are talking about. Annnnnd so are people on dating apps!

More than 3,700 Bumble UK users added Coronavirus-related words to their profiles. Plus, tons of singles are using it as pick-up lines to break the ice and lessen the tension around the situation!

Like, “Come six feet of here often?”

“Are you looking for your Prince Charmin’, if so, I’m your guy.”

That sorta thing.

TLDR; There are still tons of ways to keep the ‘physical’ in virtual dating without making the physical so much of a priority. So, take advantage of this rare moment in dating where everyone is immune to the antics of f***boys!

If you’re media and want to reach our Editor, Moira Ghazal, email her at social @ clover . co

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