A Weekend in Monte Carlo – The Ultimate Date Can be Done on a Budget

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According to POF, going out for dinner is the most popular type of date!

The next best thing? Going for a walk together. These are some simple and nice ways of getting to know one another, but if you want to have the ultimate date, then you can even visit Monte Carlo on a budget!

A weekend in the town is the ultimate date, where you can experience the high life, and enjoy each other’s company in style. Monte Carlo, part of the principality of Monaco, is home to many casinos, including the Grand Casino of Monte Carlo, built in 1878. You don’t have to spend a penny though, to appreciate the grandeur!

You can take a meander through the harbor, point out your ideal multi-million pound yacht, enjoy some window shopping at the Metropole, and even experience the rush of the Formula One.

Monte Carlo is the ultimate date location to get to know one another and have some extravagant fun without spending a fortune. 

The thrill of the race

The Formula One Grand Prix is one of the busiest events in the calendar for Monte Carlo. The race takes place every year in late May/early June. If you’re not a racing fan, it’s probably best if you organize your trip to the town at a different time of year. In the week leading up to the race, the windy, scenic roads through to Monte Carlo are closed to prepare for the logistics of preparing for a Formula One race.

For every car, a thousand tons of equipment are transported into the town, to help get optimum performance and speed. For the spectator, the Grand Prix is incredibly exciting – a big money event. You don’t need to buy an expensive ticket to witness the race, you can just join the spectators by the side of the road and enjoy the roar of the engines as they rush past. 

An afternoon on the beach

Even though you won’t find large expanses of sand like ones you’d find down the coast on The Riviera, the beach at Monte Carlo is still impressive!

One of the main reasons is that Larvotto Beach is man-made. It’s completely free to visit, so if you’re enjoying your Monte Carlo date on a budget, it’s not going to break the bank. The water at Larvotto beach is incredibly clean and clear. You can also swim with some incredibly big fish – they’re certainly not shy in brushing past your toes. 

A stroll by the harbor

Even if you can’t afford a massive yacht, it doesn’t mean that you can’t admire one and pick your own for an imaginary cruise of the Mediterranean.

Monte Carlo harbour is home to more than 600 yachts, many of which are far more luxurious than the average North American home. Sunrise and sunset are the best times to visit the beautiful harbor! You can even enjoy some tasty treats from one of the many cafes that line the streets.

Look out for Amadea while you’re there! It’s a 384 super-yacht that’s more opulent than the Titanic (but hopefully less likely to sink). 

You don’t need to be dripping in money to visit Monte Carlo. It is the ideal place for the ultimate date – a once-in-a-lifetime experience. 

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