A Single’s Guide On How To Break Up With Valentine’s Day

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You might think that breaking up with Valentine’s day is a weird concept but you’ll get it. V-day is fast approaching and I think I just saw y’all recoil in disgust but chill, read through this for some bang on ways to survive Valentine’s Day by simply Meghan Markling it (and the pressures behind it)! Why? Because it’s literally just another day and you don’t need that stress.

You ready? Let’s go:

First step of breaking up is acceptance: Valentine’s day is just the 14th of February. Literally.

That’s all it is. Nothing more, nothing less. It’s a made up day that we created so that we can have an excuse to spend money on people we like/love to spoil them with things they don’t need. Not gonna lie though, it’s kinda fun to have a reason to celebrate. Isn’t that what most celebrations are, anyway? Made up reasons to have fun! So, there’s nothing to worry about. If you’re in a relationship, awesome, if you’re not, that’s okay too. Do you, boo. There should never be any pressure to do anything ever.

Now that you’ve accepted it, try breaking up with it by…asking your friends to do something.

Go for dinner with your friend or friend group. No one has ever said that love is restricted to two people who are romantically involved; platonic love should be just as celebrated! So take your bestest friend(s) and hit up a nice restaurant! Dress up, split a bottle (or two) of wine and enjoy your night.

Break up with it by…throwing an Anti-Valentine’s Day party.

Decorate your house with black heart-shaped balloons, grab some drinks, dress up, and invite your closest singles for a night of fun!

For a fun, sexier, all-girls version: throw an Anti-Valentine’s day party where you and your girlfriends wear your sexiest lingerie, eat junk food, bitch about life, watch awesome movies, and drink some wine! Not only is it a lot of fun but it’s hella empowering because who says you need a man to wear lingerie? Literally no one.

Break up with it by…asking someone (even someone you just met) out on a cheesy ass Valentine’s date if that’s what YOU want to do

Because it’s empowering to do something you actually want to do because you want to do it and not because society makes you feel forced to do it.

I don’t understand the taboo around asking someone you’re not in a relationship with to go out on Valentine’s Day. Going out on February 14th vs. going out on any other day is literally the same thing. It should not add any pressure or some sort of unseen layer of commitment, the difference is the date which really means nothing. So, my long-winded point is: if you want to ask someone you’ve been chatting up on an app to spend Valentine’s Day with you, do it!

Break up with it by…buying yourself some flowers.

Who needs someone to get them flowers? You’re an independent woman who doesn’t need anyone to do anything and that includes purchasing flowers. Get yourself a nice bouquet of flowers if that’s what makes you happy.

Break up with it by…buying chocolates the day after.

In 2019, we’re all about being conscious of our spending, okay? So hold off ONE more day to buy your favorite chocolates. They’ll basically be 50%+ off and that way, if you’re single again next year (which, like, Clover can help make that not happen), you already know you’ll be spending your Valentine’s Day 2020 snuggled with 1-year old chocolate you’ve kept in your freezer in your bedroom while binging a Netflix show.

Break up with it by…loving yourself and everyone else every damn day of the year.

Let’s set aside the fact that it’s a made up day of the year, just make sure you love yourself and those around you on that day and every day following. You don’t need a reason to celebrate yourself or your loved ones, spread love always.

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