9 Ways To Integrate Role Playing Into Your Sex Life

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Author: Belinda Anderson

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Feeling bored with a dull sex life is a common experience among couples. It happens when things become super repetitive and unexciting. You already know what to expect in a few minutes or so. You begin, reach climax, and that’s it. It feels as if the flames that keep the bed steamy are slowly dying out.

But it doesn’t have to remain that way, and you don’t need a new partner for another hot encounter. You only need something new in bed to spice things up. Of course, female and male vibrators are great to play together when you go intimate. But learning these hot roleplaying ideas also rekindles the fire of your sex life to greater heights.

Important reminder: consent is always important!

1. Movie and TV show themes

Do you love superhero movies? Try Batman and Poison Ivy or Spiderman and Mary Jane. Are you a fan of the zombie series? Try a sexually active zombie and human prey chase. Or maybe you want an intriguing blood relationship similar to that of Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen too.

It is easy to spot naughty roleplaying ideas from your favorite movies and shows. You can even mix different movies as well.

2. Hookup sesh

Many couples love this type of roleplay idea since it brings them back to when they first met. Or marvel with the naughty thoughts of meeting a random person that leads to some happy time. Common roleplays include meeting in a bar, library, gym, or some other places. Some even take it further by meeting discreetly in an actual venue before going to their private room.

3. Power dynamics

Yes, it’s classic, but power struggle roleplaying continues to be popular among couples. You have the professor and student, boss and staff, etc. It often comes with the thoughts of doing hanky-panky with somebody superior or subservient to you.

Just don’t fall on the thoughts of such ideas being wrong to avoid breaking the moment. Remember, it is roleplaying. As long as your partner consents to it, nobody would bat an eye.

4. At your service

You’ve probably experienced being home alone when a sexy delivery guy or gal knocks on the door. And you’ve probably thought about a sexy scenario…well, that makes it a perfect idea for roleplaying with your partner.

You can twist the roles too, and think of a man seeing a gorgeous saleslady at his doorsteps.

5. Medical fantasy

Being in a medical setting is a good excuse to get close body contact. Imagine when the doctor touches the patient for some check-up near some erogenous spots. Then the doctor asks the patient to undress.

You can play as a nurse too. Think of a doctor having some kinky time with a nurse assistant while patients are waiting outside. Or be a sexy nurse caring for a patient on the bed.

6. Relive the first time

You had a great experience on your first sexual encounter? Reliving your first time is no doubt a gratifying roleplay.

You can even begin it with some lessons about the heavenly world of sex. And it works well when you assume being strangers to each other too.

7. Sports Team 

Bring your team as a couple to a whole new level and take the identity of a college athlete, a coach, or a cheerleader. Imagine cheering the athlete with a hot recharging session on the bed or in the locker room. Or think of a coach that trains an athlete towards becoming a smoking superstar.

Of course, it’s great to be in sports costumes too. And feel free to choose your favorite sports for it.

8. Not-so-Platonic Buddies

Roleplaying doesn’t need to be extravagant or challenging. Yes, they look hotter, but simple roles can be smoky too. And what’s more simple than roleplaying as platonic buddies, right?

Begin with some usual stuff that friends do, such as homework or early morning jog. Put in some accidental glimpse, touches, and kisses, and gear things towards naughty situations.

9. Escort Service

Lastly, playing as an escort can also be fun. The client would call the hot escort for scheduling. They would meet, and the escort asks how the client wants to spend the time.

Going through with the sexy details before you hop into the bed sets things up for a steamier encounter. And the escort wanting to bring the client to gratifying delight surely keeps the fire burning in the room.


These are only a few of the fascinating ideas for roleplaying in the bed. Whatever you choose, be sure it fits your preference as a couple and that you’re both comfortable doing it. And finding the right ideas helps rekindle your sex life to whole new hot levels.

Author’s bio:

Belinda is a 42-year-old married mother of three who lives in Naples, Florida. While staying at home to raise her children, she began to write articles and blogs for various outlets. She was raised in a strict, Christian home, but has since found more peace with a more spiritual approach to life and health. A strong believer in natural and alternative medicine, energy healing, and total wellness, she stumbled on the health benefits of the female orgasm quite by accident. Since then, she has often written pieces that help inform others about the benefits she discovered. Belinda also enjoys taking care of her home and family, and often jokes that she is a bit of a Stepford wife… with a wild side. In her free time, she loves to spend time at the beach with her family, host parties and BBQ’s, and work outside in one of her many flower gardens.

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