7 Positive Ways Physical Distancing Has Impacted Our Love Lives

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Everything may be canceled, but love isn’t!

Even though people are social distancing and physically can’t date, the reality’s that the desire for human connection is stronger than ever in this unprecedented time.

With all the chaos in the world, what better way to quiet down the madness than with recounting surprising moments of LOVE! While the real scientists work on a vaccine for COVID-19, we’ll just distract ourselves with all the surprising ways physical distancing has actually positively affected love to get us through the day.

1. Dating apps are lit right now

The Clover App’s seen a 30% spike in new users since news of the outbreak which isn’t unusual seeing as KinkD also has reported an increase in their app usage. The more people physically isolate, the more we tend to figure out ways to get what we need. Dating apps are a great way to feel that human connection without putting yourself at risk by leaving the house.

2. A man went to LENGTHS to ask this woman out on a date via drone and then TOOK HER OUT IN A BUBBLE

It’s nice to see COVID-19 hasn’t killed chivalry ’cause clearly it’s alive and well and living entirely inside this guy.

“Flirting was normally daunting for me, but since I’ve been quarantining in my apartment for a week now, I was craving some social interaction, 2020 has been off to a terrible start, but I still needed to shoot my shot.”

Jeremy Cohen, Man In The Bubble

So, shoot your shot even if you’re in quarantine and even if you have to send it by mailing pigeon!

3. This adorable first date that proves ‘in-person’ first dates can be macgyvered to be safe AND cute!

4. This adorable relationship that’s been fostered with the family cat since the family’s had to stay home

5. These firefighters who shared an educational video to educate the community on how to properly practice physical distancing by standing the recommended length apart from each other holding a sign reading “I love you this much.”

BRB crying.

Source: Facebook

6. This.

Source: Facebook

7. And last but definitely not least, this sweet man and his way of celebrating his 67th wedding anniversary with his wife

Also, 67 YEARS!

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