8 Adorable Ways To Celebrate Valentine’s Day In A Pandemic

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Yes, can you even believe that this time last year we weren’t worried about washing our hands or making out with randoms in clubs while searching for the perfect Valentine’s date in our PJs when we got home?

This Valentine’s week this year is a totally different vibe. Some places are back in lockdown, while others have less rigid restrictions but globally, everyone’s still trying to stay 6 feet apart more or less.

But that does not mean we have to skip out on tradition! In fact, if you’re already in a relationship, rituals are what keep relationships happy long-term. So if anything this year, it’s extra important to celebrate things we’ve celebrated traditionally for both, the strength of our relationships and for our mental health!

1. Order food and cuddle in blanket forts

If you’ve got a Valentine this year, create a staycation fort to escape reality!

2. Set up or join a live stream on Clover

Get to know a bunch of singles at once and see who catches your eye by watching live streams or hosting a live stream on Valentine’s day! Don’t forget, you can also give and receive ‘gifts’!

3. Send your crush an Uber Eats giftcard and host a virtual video date!

You can still have a romantic candlelit dinner even if it isn’t one-on-one (just make sure you have decent wifi! LOL)

4. Have a Say Anything themed Valentine’s day

Show up with a boombox-like audio system and serenade your love/crush from outside their house. It’s not breaking the 6 feet apart protocol and it’s romantic as hell (also bring donuts and coffee for an added touch).

5. Go ice fishing or hiking and spend some time in nature!

After being basically at home for a whole year, spend some time outside to break the monotony.

6. Go grocery shopping!

I know this is a weird one but hear us out. Go grocery shopping together! It’s fun, it’s essential, and you get to kinda peak into each other’s daily lives! It’s a fairly intimate date, honestly LOL.

7. Go to a drive-in!

Catch a movie at the drive-in (in separate cars) or together if you’re already bubbling with each other.

8. Have a LEGO competition!

Order a few sets of LEGO separately (or together if you’re bubbling) and compete via video chat! Healthy competition is actually good for any kind of relationship!

Give one of these unique dates a try to make sure you have a special, albeit weird (thanks COVID), Valentine’s Day!

If you’re looking for a date, give our Date 2 Go a shot or hop on a live stream on the Clover Dating app!

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