4 Profile Photo Tips From An Actual Dating Photographer

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You’ve been ready to get back into dating for a while now! You’ve signed up, you’ve written up your bio, you’ve chosen a few pics (even some of your BEST ones) and yet no one’s biting? Something seems a bit off and it could totally be your pics!

Seriously, a recent study proved that people will gauge how dateable you are based on your pics alone. So, you gotta make sure they’re actually A+ pics of you and not somehow giving off a vibe you definitely do NOT want to be putting out.

Here are 7 easy tricks from an actual dating photographer who helps people put their best self forward on their profiles for a living named Sophia Isabella.

1. Ditch the mirror selfie in 2019

Mirror selfies with bad lighting in some random ass bathroom are NOT the way to go to land you a hot date. According to Isabella, instead of taking a mirror selfie near a toilet, ask a friend to take a picture of you! I know, hella awkward, but when you actually get a cute shot, it’ll all be worth it!


2. Quality over quantity

Grainy photos taken with a potato phone are a no-go, says Isabella. Make sure your photos are clear, bright, and you can be SEEN! And don’t give me that BS about not having a good phone camera, we ALL know someone who went out and splurged $1100+ on an iPhone 11 when they didn’t need to, just ask THEM to take your pic for you!

You get good quality pics and your friend can finally feel like getting into serious credit card debt for the phone was justified!


3. Smile!

Seriously, smile! Everyone is an internet stranger on the goddamn internet, so look approachable and happy! A smile gives off confident and attractive vibes and don’t they say to give off vibes you wanna get?

4. Play around with the variation of your pics

She recommends to swap out a few pics every little while to keep things fresh and to see which ones will get the most attention/messages.

Basically think of your profile like your performance at work, if something isn’t working, try new pics out!

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