7 Actually Awesome Valentine’s Day Gifts That Won’t Break The Bank

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As I’m sure 90% of you reading this are painfully aware (either on your own accord or by someone who thrust the information upon you) that Valentine’s Day is (somehow) a stone’s throw away.

We were just innocently celebrating the holidays with our loved ones when we rang in the new year with such joy and then all of a sudden without much warning, Valentine’s Day started creeping up slowly, rearing its pink, lovey-dovey, happy head.

If you’re anything like me, your life is a hot mess and the only thing you’re ever prepared for is disappointing your parents for the thousandth time.

Naturally, you aren’t at all prepared for Valentines’ Day.

This is where I, the guardian angel of all things love (don’t you dare look into my dating history), come in!

Whether you’re in a relationship or are just seeing someone, these are hella cute for all levels of relationships: friends, lovers, and even just crushes!

1. A salami bouquet

Source: Man Crates

What an amazing gift. It’s not only incredible because it’s yum but it’s gender neutral and that’s what we’re all about in 2019.

2. Customized bobblehead(s)

Source: Etsy/BobbleheadsEtsyShop

You could do a single bobblehead or you could get one of both of you! HOW ADORBS!

3. A 1lb bag of the only flavor of Starburst that should exist

Source: amazon


4. Turn their Instagram into a flippable photo book!

Source: Artifact Uprising

Perfect for the photo addict in your life! Get them flipping through their ‘gram instead of scrolling!

5. The Quiz book for couples

Source: amazon

Whether you’ve been dating for a few months or have been married a few years, this is a super cute way to get to know each other more than you already thought you did!

6. A scratch off list of 100 movies perfect for 100 cozy date nights at home

Source: amazon

Movie buffs and low-key date night lovers unite! THIS IS FOR US!

7. Sign up for the super cute monthly subscription: Date Crate!

Source: Cratejoy

Each crate comes with all you need for a surprise date night!! From a ‘never have I ever’ drinking game, to a paint night, it’s got all you need for a truly adorable monthly date night!

8. Spark Romance “Matchsticks”

Source: ModCloth

Spark romance at a moment’s notice by choosing one of these matchsticks to spark some love! Sometimes all you need is that little push.

9. Long distance lamps

Source: uncommongoods

This is perfect for that long distance BFF or partner because when you turn one on, the same ambient glow gets turned on wherever the other one is. This makes it so that you physically know whenever someone is thinking of you.

10. Want a date? No, seriously, wanna date?

Source: uncommongoods

Not only is this spread perfectly punny for the occasion AND on theme, it’s also a healthy alternative to chocolate spreads! It comes in a few different yummy-sounding flavors like cinnamon, chocolate and a vanilla!

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