6 Hilarious New Dating Trends To Watch Out For In 2021

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Zombieing and maskfishing are not the only trends to watch out for this year. In fact, Plenty of Fish came up with an entire list of dating trends to avoid in 2021 and they’re hilarious!

These terms were created after surveying 3,000 singles and basically predict the future of dating in 2021.

Let’s jump into it:

1. Apocalypsing

Taking your relationships way too seriously and treating every single one as though they’re your last. I guess this dating trend makes sense considering we live in the doom and gloom of a pandemic.

“Sarah’s totally apocalypsing him…again.”

2. Sanitizing

Not a new phenomenon, but sanitizing is clearing your social media of any sign of your ex. The term itself is quite the fitting dating trend perfect for COVID-19.

“Sorry I didn’t respond to your text, I was sanitizing my Instagram before joining Clover

3. The twice baked dating trend

When the conversation with a match is so stale that it’s basically the same convo over and over again.

“She’s cute but the convo felt more twice baked than my brownies so I had to be honest and tell her I wasn’t interested”

4. Hey & Pray

When someone throws a ‘hey’ your way on a dating app and prays to god you respond back. The icebreakers on Clover hope to fix that problem, try them out here and avoid this dating trend completely!

“It’s almost 2021 and he hey & preyed me, can you believe it? The audacity!”

5. The tok-blocking dating trend

Being so obsessed with TikTok that it hinders your dating life

“I tok-blocked myself…yes, again.”

6. Wally-ing

Again, not a particularly new phenomenon but this is when someone only posts group pics to their dating profile without actually pinpointing who they are in the pics.

“I was going to accept his Date2Go on Clover but then I realized he wallied me! I couldn’t figure out which guy he was in his pics! Not that I’m shallow…but you know, a girl’s gotta know before accepting a video date!”

7. Proofing dating trend

Kinda like the bread you baked during quarantine, you gotta give a relationship time and space to proof and not rush it!

“I decided to proof this relationship this time, Meg. Yup you heard it here first, no more rushing into things!”

H/T: Mirror

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