5 Ways To Relight A Fizzled Out Convo With A Match!

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This is the perfect time to talk about how to reignite a dimmed out conversation with a match or a date! People are busy stressing out about things like money, what to buy their family, and trying to figure out exactly when the last day is to procrastinate gift shopping. Like I said, Christmas busy is next level busy.

If you’re wondering what happened to a once really fun and exciting conversation with a cutie that just went quiet on you for no apparent reason and you’re just not sure how to say hi again, then you’re totally inthe right place!

Use this as a guideline on what to say and make sure you give them time to response. If they’re being open with you about how busy they are, believe them and give them space. If they’re lying to you, that’s a them problem.

1. Simply check-in!

Did they mention they were dreading attempting their Christmas shopping early because the malls are super packed? Ask them how their shopping adventure went (that’s if they even decided to leave the house, IN THIS WEATHER!?). Or did they say they were going to hit the gym? Ask them how their workout went!

If they didn’t mention anything specific you can work with, just ask them how their day went or how work’s going.

2. Something reminded you of them

Maybe you’ve joked about both strongly relating to cactuses and you just bought your first cactus today! Or maybe you laughed about a certain episode of Duck Tales on Disney+ that you just rewatched and you know they absolutely love a good throwback.

It’s always nice to feel thought about and to be told about it! Plus, building bonds over inside jokes is a crucial step in the foundation of any -ship.

3. Use your job to your advantage

If something at work goes absolutely terribly wrong but in the funniest way, hit them up with the hilarious tweet version of it. Like “man, that last meeting should’ve been a 2 sentence email. How’s your day going?” or “we had happy hour at work today and Brenda from Finance got wayyyy too happy, we had to put her in a cab and get her home 😂”

Use open-ended questions as it’ll help stimulate conversation. It also shows you’re interested in listening.

4. When in doubt, pop culture it out

Have you guys bonded over a certain show you two like? Or did they suggest a Netflix show you should watch?

If yes, totally update them about what you thought and use it to revive the convo! Or text them about something particularly ridiculous that’s happened in the news (we all know we’ve got an endless supply of that, so why not make it work to our advantage instead of letting it bring us further and further into the dark abyss that is global depression).

5. But the most reliable tip of them all, meme them up!

Honestly, when in doubt, meme it out! Send them a meme they’d snort coffee out of their nose for. We all know no one can resist replying to a good meme so it’s a solid, guaranteed strategy!

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