5 New Dating Red Flags To Avoid During A Pandemic

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How can we talk about red flags when the last 6 (?) months have been hella unprecedented and the world’s been flip-turned upside down?

Places shut down, people lost work, people have died and 35,109,317 people globally have contracted COVID-19 so far forcing everyone to live in this new normal.

But along with this new normal, means we also have new red flags to look out for when dating!

The faster you spot them, the less disappointment you’re setting yourself up for.

Red flag #1: They don’t wear a mask

Personal beliefs of COVID-19 aside, if medical professionals with virology degrees say ‘wear this fabric to keep you and other people safe’ and you still refuse to do it:

You know there’s something missing here and this screams ‘entitlement’, so, you’re gonna wanna avoid that like the plague.

Red flag #2: They insist on your first date being closer than 6 feet apart

If you’ve set a boundary that you only want to go on dates that are 6 feet apart or in the fresh air outside and your date tries to convince you to do something against those wishes means that they’ll do this with ANY boundary you place for yourself.

They don’t respect you or what you want, RUN.

Red flag #3: They only want to meet in real life and won’t entertain a video date first

Clover’s got video calling so you can meet safely from a distance wherever you two happen to be (no masks needed here!)

But if the person you wanted to get to know declines video dates and insists on only meeting up in real life, that’s yet another giant red flag right there.

Red flag #4: They invite you over on the first date for ‘Netflix and Chill’

Netflix and Chill is dead y’all (unless you do it separately at your own houses). It’s a PANDEMIC!

All y’all are gonna do is Netflix and COVID, so either keep the Netflix and Chilling remotely in your own homes (and FaceTime while doing it!) or don’t do it at all.

Red flag #5: They’re at parties every weekend.

If their Instagram stories are of them at back-to-back parties, patios, hanging with people when they clearly they shouldn’t be.

You, us, your mom, everyone:

It’s spooky season so let’s not do anything to make it even spookier, ok? We’re staying healthy and happy for the rest of 2020!

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