5 Effective Ways For Finding Your Significant Other

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Description: Are you wondering why you and your new partner choose to break up before finding love? While you can get lucky, you need to be intentional about the people you date. This article states the dos and don’ts of meeting your better half and how to grow your bond.

From reducing stress and boosting confidence to growing your circle and raising a family, relationships present numerous benefits. However, you can only be happy if you choose your partner wisely. While hookup sites let a partner choose their match, compatibility isn’t guaranteed.

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Here are 5 effective ways to find love in a life partner:

1. Don’t rush things

After finding a partner, choose to take your relationship slow. For starters, rushing exposes insecurities, making people less attractive to a partner. Your partner also becomes uncomfortable and doubts your motives; what’s more, forcing connections clouds your emotions, making it hard to be yourself as the relationship progresses.

So, what should a partner choose to take slow?

  • Letting your companion choose to live with you
  • Sex
  • Joint investment
  • Introducing relatives and friends
  • Marriage
  • Having children
  • Declaring your love

Note that disinterest differs from taking things slow. If you’re in a relationship where you’re unsure about your lover’s commitment despite being together for years, choose to leave it.

2. Accept rejection

You cannot escape rejection when seeking love. But as a lover, choose to accept rejection. In most cases, the reasons for rejection are beyond your control. For example, some people like particular careers and personalities. Remember, people have different preferences. The seemingly “off-putting” attributes for one person may appeal to someone else.

Alternatively, use the experience to improve yourself. Remember, you also have to reject some lovers to choose a good partner for life. Although it’s painful, your partner will appreciate honest rejection over sugar-coated statements. However, being gentle is key when letting someone down, even if you’re being honest.

3. Acknowledge red flags

Focusing on your partner’s positive attributes blinds your judgment. Even if you complete each other’s sentences, fights are inevitable if you and your partner choose to overlook the deal-breakers. A common red flag is a controlling lover.

Are they unreasonably jealous? Does your partner choose to check your phone or isolate you from your loved ones? As a partner, choose to avoid such relationships.

Another warning is alcohol dependence. This is when you and your partner choose to get drunk to improve your interactions. 

4. When looking for a partner choose to have fun

Who said you can’t find love and have fun at the same time? Consider your dating escapades opportunities to expand your circle, try different cuisines, and visit new places!

Your dates may not blossom into relationships, but it’s important to still have a great time. Not to mention the friendships and potential business connections that could transpire out of this!

So, how do you enjoy yourself when looking for a lover?

  • Take music, art, or cooking lessons
  • Volunteer
  • Watch a play
  • Join hiking, camping, cycling groups
  • Join local book and photography clubs
  • Attend concerts

5. Nurture the Relationship

Finding love isn’t enough. The relationship will fail if you and your partner choose to neglect it. First off, admit your mistakes and forgive your better half. This goes together with acts of service.

For instance, have your partner choose what they want to eat and prepare it for them. You could also wash dishes and clean your lover’s car. 

Most importantly, communicate. Your partner cannot read minds.

How else do you choose a partner who is good for you? Please share in the comments section below!

Author’s bio:

Robert Andrew Faulkner is a family and child psychologist. He has been working with many couples from all over the UK and wants to share his experience with you. Robert’s hobbies are reading new psychology books and traveling around the world. He has visited more than 15 countries, including France, Germany, the Netherlands, and the USA. One of Robert’s biggest dreams is to climb Mount Everest and take a photo.

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