4 Unexpected Date Ideas For Expecting Couples

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Author: Katlyn Peterson

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Having a date night may be the farthest thing from your mind when you’re expecting a baby. However, spending this precious time with your loved one may be the last time you’ll be alone together after your baby’s born! It can also take a few months (or years) before you can go on another date without worrying about your child. Date nights not only strengthen a couple’s bond, but they can also benefit an expecting mom’s health. Studies show that most women experience stress while expecting due to the discomforts of pregnancy and worries about labor and birth. Going on romantic dates can help relieve stress and anxiety, and it may help prevent stress-related health problems such as high blood pressure and heart disease. To bond with your loved one and have a happier and healthier pregnancy, here are some fun date ideas for expecting couples.

1. Have a game night at home

If you miss playing darts or pool at your favorite resto-bar, why not have your very own game night at home? Hang up a dart board and make sure to use lead-free darts, or opt for magnetic darts to reduce the risk of injury while playing. You can also set up your gaming console and have fun playing games. To avoid getting stressed while playing, opt for relaxing or calming video games such as No Man’s Sky, Tetris Effect, Animal Crossing, or Stardew Valley. Have lots of finger foods on hand, such as pizza, veggies and dip, chicken wings, or Korean BBQ buns, and don’t forget to have some healthy drinks, such as fresh juice, to cool you down while playing.

2. Spend camping in your backyard

It may not be advisable to go camping in the wild when you’re in your third trimester, but you can certainly replicate the experience by pitching a tent in your backyard. Make the tent as comfortable as possible so you can sleep outdoors, but don’t hesitate to head back inside if it rains or if the weather turns chilly. Complete the camping experience by cooking your meals on a grill, making smores, and singing a few camping songs under the night sky. 

3. Go exploring for date night

If you want to get out of the house for a bit, try exploring your area for places and attractions that you’ve never seen before. Eat at restaurants or cafes that you’ve never visited, and head to new or unfamiliar shops and see what treasures you can find. Make sure to wear comfortable shoes while walking, and stay hydrated by bringing a water bottle and taking small sips while exploring. 

4. Have a couples massage

Going to the spa can be highly relaxing for both you and your partner, as it eases away stress and tension during pregnancy. Have a couples massage, and tell your therapist that you’re pregnant so you can receive a prenatal massage. Try other treatments together, such as a manicure and pedicure, or have a facial. Afterwards, head to a restaurant!

Going on a date night can strengthen your bond as a couple while awaiting the arrival of your bundle of joy. Consider these ideas for your next date night, and have a great time enjoying each other’s company while you’re expecting. 

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After almost a decade working in family law, Katlyn decided to take a step back to spend more time with her family. Today, she enjoys contributing to a range of websites, sharing her personal and professional knowledge on the topics that matter to her. 

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