4 Dating Behaviors That Scream He’s Totally Into You

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Dating in a nutshell: confusing. You’ll never be able to guarantee someone else’s feelings for you or totally know for sure that they’re on the same page. But, like, isn’t that also the part that makes it SO incredibly fun and ALMOST INTOXICATING?!

So, since we’ve promptly acknowledged that dating will forever be confusing because humans are confusing, we gotta find some ways to manage it.

One of these ways is by learning what the “green flags” of commitment are. We talk about red flags in relationships all the time but it’s as important to recognize the green flags, too. Plus, we always talk about communication being important, and those green flags you’re going to be spotting? They’re telling you something, it’s just very subtle.

Green flags, unlike red flags, signify progress, potential and growth in a relationship and when you’re right in the trenches of dating, it’s pretty hard to figure it all out while also trying to spot all kinds of different flags! So, let’s help do the flagging for you.

Green flag #1

You feel at home around them and their space

You walk into their apartment for the first time and you just know: you could TOTALLY take a shit here. It’s just one of those things where both the space and the person make you feel like you’ve been there before. And no, not like you hooked up with his roommate a few years back and just forgot.

You guys just fit and vibe together, and that, my friends is one hell of a good sign!

Green flag #2

They ask about your dating history

The thing about this green flag is that it can’t show up alone. I know I’ve personally been on at least 50 dates where they’ve asked about my dating history and never called me back, so this flag needs to be coupled with a few others to confirm it is a surefire sign of wanting to commit to you.

According to psychotherapist, Tina B. Tessina, asking for a person’s dating history in the first few dates is a sign that they’re looking for clues on if you’re looking to commit.

Green flag #3

They make conversations with you a priority

If they seem to be engaging with your convos, reaching out as often as you reach out to them, putting in the same type of energy and effort into your convos, that means that they’re pretty damn into you.

If the relationship is actually going somewhere, you’ll know. You won’t need to ask yourself because when a relationship is headed somewhere real, no one has time to play mind games.

TAKE πŸ‘ MIXED πŸ‘ SIGNALS πŸ‘ AS πŸ‘ A πŸ‘ NO.

Green flag #4

They introduce you to friends and family

Like, do I even need to explain why this is as green flag? Feels pretty self-explanatory but here we go. You’re obviously important to someone if they want to introduce you to their work wife/work hubby, office BFF, friends from college, and obviously family! And don’t think they’re introducing you because they care about what other people think, in fact, they’re probably introducing you because they don’t and just want to show you off as quickly as possible.

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