2020’s Cuffing Season Is The Best Time To Lock A Relationship Down Than In Previous Years

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Because dating behaviors have completely changed due to the pandemic, it means that things are about to get really different this cuffing season.

Cuffing season for those who don’t know, is the time to lock LOVE down. The official season kicks off at the beginning of the fall where people look for a cutie to cozy up with for the long, cold winter months.

Relationships that start at the beginning of cuffing season, specifically for cuffing season can still be successful and grow well beyond the season is over!

But because of the big shifts in the way people are dating, cuffing season this year might actually be the best time to find love compared to all prior years!

Here’s why:

People have gotten more serious in their search for love/partnership.

Hookups are out the door! It’s a pandemic after all so unless you’re willing to hook up with a mask, people are just not doing it!

Plus, the looming gloom of a pandemic has made people realize how fragile life is. With that being said, most people are looking for real connection as opposed to superficial date-hopping based on looks. Of course, physical chemistry is still important but it seems to have taken a back burner in this shift to a more serious dating. 53% of dating app users surveyed said that they’d gotten more serious in finding a relationship.

And in fact, people who started to date actually have gotten serious faster because of the pandemic, too!

So now is the time to land yourself a relationship if that’s what you’re looking for!

Your chances of finding a relationship during this cuffing season are much more in your favor than in previous years. People’s mindsets have changed, it isn’t about collecting swipes or matches, it’s about meeting real people and having real connections.

In fact, video dating has increased connections by making it much quicker to know if you have a connection with someone before even meeting.

It only takes 30 seconds to figure out if you connect with someone on a video date which definitely expedites the dating process!

People are getting so serious about their hunt for love, they’re even zombieing each other

Yes, ex’s from people’s past who have GHOSTED them are now popping back into their lives like NOTHING HAPPENED.

Why? A little bit of desperation, a pinch of audacity and a sprinkle of no f***s given to find a cutie for the winter.

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