16 Interesting Facts About Vegas You Legit Had No Idea Existed

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Vegas: a place where you can drink in the streets, gamble, dance the night away, meet a new lover, get doused in foam at a pool party, and hike in beautiful nature all at once. This buzzing place has a few secrets though.

1. The bronze lion statue outside of MGM Grand Hotel is the largest bronze sculpture in the US!

It weights a whopping 50 tons. Finally, something bigger than yo mama (I’m joking, your mom is a saint).


2. They estimate that a minimum of 1,000 people live below Vegas in underground tunnels

DailyMail/Austin Hargrave

3. Vegas has over 300 weddings a day

This makes it the top wedding destination in the US, second only to Istanbul for the most number of weddings in a single city.


4. 15 of the world’s top 25 hotels are in Las Vegas

5. The Vegas strip is actually the brightest place on earth and the brightness can be seen from outer space

6. The Stratosphere is the tallest free-standing observation tower in the nation

For more cool things to do in Vegas (that have nothing to do with gambling, drinking, or partying), check it out here.


7. The fountains and man-made lakes in Vegas use “grey water” which is just recycled water from people’s sinks and showers


8. Someone dining at Vegas’ infamous Heart Attack Grill actually did suffer a heart attack while eating a 6,000 calorie “Triple Bypass Burger”

Another fact about Heart Attack Grill: it stays true to its name by promising that any person over 350lbs eats FREE!

Ps. the guy pictured below isn’t the guy who had a heart attack, it’s just a dude enjoying a Triple Bypass Burger, sans heart attack.


9. Some hotels have no floors that start with the 4 because of the belief that the number 4 is bad luck

10. Shrimp is consumed in Vegas at a rate higher than the rest of the nation combined. Over 60,000 pounds of shrimp are eaten per day!

11. A 25 year-old man won $39 million after only putting $100 in, making him the winner of the largest sum won at a slot machine

The odds of winning at the time were 1 in 16.7 million!!!!!

12. There’s a “heavy equipment playground” where you can drive really dangerous equipment for fun

Yes, like bulldozers and shit! It’s called Dig This!


13. If you wanted to spend a single night in every room in every hotel in Vegas, it’d take you 288 years

14. The Silver Slipper was the very fist casino to hire female card dealers in the area

15. Technically, the strip isn’t actually in Las Vegas. It’s just outside the city in unincorporated Clark County, Nevada!


16. Last but not least, a REAL shocker: the lottery is actually illegal in Nevada!

I guess the lottery would be considered too much competition for the casinos!

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