16 Hilarious Moms Who Totally Have The Best Dating Advice

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“Mom knows best” has been something we’ve all heard growing up in one form or another. It’s a mother’s prerogative and she’ll bloody well use it at any and every opportune moment.

So, in honor of Mother’s Day this year, we decided to feed into that because at the end of the day, mom does know best (like 80% of the time). We asked a bunch of mommas “if you could give just one piece of dating advice, what would it be?”

The results are all over the place 😂

1. This level-headed momma

“Be up front about boundaries from the start. Communicate what you’re looking for and ensure that they are on the same page. Do this before anything, even the first date. And never ever ever dumb yourself down or change yourself for the other person’s benefit.” – Samantha, 26

2. This simple but good tidbit of advice

“Be honest” – Najwa, 57

3. This easier-said-than-done advice

“Don’t fret about the future when you’re dating someone and just enjoy yourself.”- Sian, 53

4. This mind-blowing, life-changing insight

“Never make it about being 50/50 – it’s never even, this isn’t a business. Just work at being happy.”- Janette, 71

5. This hilariously smart reminder

“Order something light, like a salad, there’s way less gas during the movie.”-Vickie, 61

6. This sweet, sweet, guidance

“Relationships are never easy, they are hard work, so don’t go in thinking that you can get away with a minimal effort. The other person in the relationship with you is just as human as you are, so if it ends, try to leave them as good, if not better than when you found them.” – Laurie, 65

7. This very Game of Thrones-esque lesson

“Make sure you’re never the one who falls in love the hardest because the person who cares the most has the least power”- Corina, 48

8. This absolutely brilliant, strongly-worded suggestion

“Ugh, god, I don’t know. Have an escape plan”- Karen, 58

9. This gentle nudge to remind you of your worth

“Enjoy your singledom because the time you actually spend on your own, listening to yourself and getting to know yourself is very limited throughout the course of a lifetime. Also, cherish those who fluff your wings, and run away from those who try to clip them.”- Yeritza, 29

10. This hilariously accurate line of wisdom

“Loving someone is easy, you just gotta find a way to live with them”- Sheila, 57

11. This practical yet underrated advice

“Never eat spaghetti or lobster on your first date” – Mary, 70

12. This obvious, yet painful to swallow, truth

“If you’re avoiding bringing up a serious topic, it’s because you already know the answer.” – Lena, 47

13. This LOL-worthy advice that obviously comes from a good place

“1. Respect yourself
2. Watch how he treats his mother
3. If you have sex you WILL die” – Ibi, 60

14. This totally out of a rom-com monologue

“Once you find that one person, fight for them. No matter how hard it gets. It takes a lot of work but it’s worth it.” Gemma, 70

15. This all-too-true piece of information that we all forget once in a while

“Don’t go for someone who looks good. Sure, you have to be attracted to them, but remember looks will fade. Find someone with a good heart and who makes you laugh.” – Rose, 50

16. Last, but definitely not least, this sexually progressive ‘scientific’ fact

“I heard on the radio that having sex on a first date actually increases the chances of getting in a relationship. Always listen to your heart and stay safe and always have people around on the first date” – Reina, 60

BONUS TIP: “Avoid people who say ‘we need to get to know each other before meeting’ they are hackers. Always ask to meet people in a public place. Never reveal financial information” – Maria, 75

These moms are all absolutely brilliant. LISTEN TO THEM!

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