14 Things To Do In Vegas That Have Nothing To Do With Gambling

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Vegas has a little bit of a reputation, okay? It’s known to be a place for booze, sex, partying and gambling. I mean, people call it Sin City so I can see why the itinerary is immediately assumed to be: have a 4-day bender with their closest mates and a few sexy strangers, who will then become VERY close.

And although there’s nothing wrong with spending your weekend with your head in the toilet, unsure of where you put your clothes, people forget that there’s so much more to Las Vegas than meets the eye.

And, let’s be real here, sometimes, just sometimes, you wanna go to Vegas without having a stranger’s tiddies in your face and that’s also okay!

Here are some equally fun things to do in Vegas that have nothing to do with sinning:

1. Climb the tallest observation tower in the USA

The Stratosphere Observation Tower stands at 1,149 feet tall, making it the tallest free-standing observation tower in the US! It gives you a 360 degree view of the entire area including the Las Vegas strip and the surrounding desert. Seeing the two very contrasting landscapes at once is definitely a sight to be seen!

2. Go back in time by visiting the Neon Boneyard

The Neon Boneyard is a museum chock full super old neon signs that used to light up Vegas. It’s nostalgic, old-timey and makes you feel like you legit time traveled by quite a few decades. It really captures the essence of what Vegas was like at that point in time.

3. Soak in some nature at Red Rock Canyon

It’s literally only 17 miles away from the Vegas strip and it’s absolutely breathtaking. It’s known for its red sandstone rocks and Native American petroglyphs. Go on an SUV tour and explore or you can even go balls-deep and go off-roading!

4. Grab a night cap and cool off at the Minus 5 Experience

The Minus 5 Experience is Mandalay Bay’s lounge that is entirely made of ice! I guess you could say it’s the coolest experience around Las Vegas. Get it? 😅

5. Looking for a thrill? Get it at an indoor theme park

The Adventure Dome is home to a ton of activities like roller coasters, laser tag, and other theme park classics. Best part? It’s all indoors!! And yes, that means you can bask in that sweet, sweet, AC!

6. Get rough and playful with some trampoline dodgeball

If you’ve ever wondered what happens when you combine two of the funnest things in existence: trampoline and dodgeball, well, NOW YOU CAN EXPERIENCE IT! Hit up Sky Zone and see it for yourself.

6. If you’re into Nascar or just going vroom vroom real fast, you can join a professional on a 140mph trip down the Vegas Speedway.

For those who are actual daredevils, you can drive it on your own, too! Check out the Richard Petty Driving Experience for more info!

7. Check out the Valley of Fire

No, it’s not something from Game of Thrones (it’s totally better). Similar to Red Rock Canyon, it’s known for its Native American petroglyphs but it’s also got the infamous Atlatl Rock!

Pictured: part of the Atlatl Rock!

8. Surround yourself by nature in the Botanical Garden

Springs Preserve (also known as the Central Park of Las Vegas) has the largest collection of desert Mojave cacti in the area! It’s also got a HIKING TRAIL, Y’ALL and a butterfly conservatory. HOW CUTE AND NOT AT ALL SIN CITY LIKE!

9. You can even MINE FOR GODDAMN GOLD at Eldorado Canyon

Located 45 minutes from the strip, you can check out the most famous gold mine in South Nevada and give panning for gold a try! You gold digger, you 😉

10. Learn the history of America’s atomic testing

Visit the National Atomic Testing Museum and learn all there is to know about the history of atomic testing and atomic bombs in the US!

11. Visit one of the most impressive engineering marvels: The Hoover Dam



Remember when you used to watch CSI? Yeah, well, now with CSI: The Experience, you can literally be a detective and examine DNA. Plus, you get a super cute CSI diploma once you crack the case!

14. Shop at Container Park

It’s an open-air shopping mall so it actually doesn’t even really feel like shopping (in case you need to convince the non-shoppers out there). You get to spend some time in the fresh air and sun while draining your bank account! And yes, it’s literally in shipping containers.

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