14 “Green Flags” Everyone Should Definitely Look For In Other People

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Red flags are a well-known topic. Everyone loves to focus on the negative aspects of anything because that seems to be human nature. Red flag this, red flag that, meanwhile loads of green flags are heavily overlooked (kinda like the salad in an unlimited pasta bar).

That’s not to say that red flags aren’t an important thing to spot and address. Just remember to take note of the green flags, too!

What are green flags?

Green flags are pretty self-explanatory: they’re literally the opposite of red flags. They’re the traits, characteristics and mannerisms you want your partner (or even your friendships) to have.

Cometaurora asked the Ask Reddit community “what are some huge GREEN flags that are often overlooked?” The list they came up with is absolutely adorable. Brb gonna take notes (pssst…you should too! 😉)

Q: “What are some huge GREEN flags that are often overlooked?”

1. “When someone admits to their mistake and/or owns up to it, rather than making an excuse for failing. It shows they’re trying to better themselves through that experience, and are being positive about it.”

2. “Asking you how you’re doing/feeling. It was weird for me to go from a moderately abusive man (and not even being bothered by it because it seemed normal) to an amazing man (my husband). He asks me how I am and genuinely wants to know. It’s done my mental health wonders to know that he actually cares about me, even though it’s the smallest thing he could possibly do.” lunadarkscar

3. “Someone who cleans up after themselves in public spaces when no one is looking.”

4. “When someone interrupts you, but then says, ‘I’m sorry, what were you about to say?’ after the snag that interrupted you is finished.”

5. “When you’re not afraid to disagree with them, because you know they’ll actually listen rather than just try to hurt you.”

6.  “Whenever someone compliments others behind their backs, that’s a big green flag.”

7. “When someone doesn’t make you feel guilty for occasionally wanting to do things by yourself.”

8. “When someone puts their shopping cart in the collector instead of letting them roam free across the parking lot.”

9. It’s so small, but — when someone asks you if you’ve eaten today. I know it’s super simple, but it shows they genuinely care about you and want to know you’re happy and have a full belly!”

10. “When someone respects boundaries without being TOLD they have to respect them, i.e., the difference between the friendly guy having a normal conversation with you and the guy who is outright aggressively hitting on you.”

11. “When someone takes care of you in small ways without thinking about it. It’s a no-brainer to take care of someone who’s sick, but when someone does small things for you every day, it’s a big green flag.”

12. “I never realized what I was missing until I met my current girlfriend: It’s being able to talk about bad stuff. I had a breakdown and apologized for it, and the first thing she told me was to never apologize for ‘feeling bad.’ Being able to feel bad and not being afraid someone will be any less in love with you because of it is amazing.”

13. “When someone treats people they don’t necessarily HAVE to treat respectfully with respect.”

14. “Someone who admits when they don’t understand something and asks questions about it until they do.”

Do you have any green flags? Let us know in the comments!

H/T: Reddit/cometaurora

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