12 Universal Tweets All Women Will Relate To

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1. This seasonal transformation #transformationtuesday

Twitter / @aliceroth

2. This Sister Wives pact sans boy ’cause yuck boys

Twitter / @smithsara79

3. This fashionable nugget of truth

Twitter / @abblucia

4. That Marie Kondo ish applies to everything in life


5. This factoid that all men must learn STAT

Twitter / @RyannHartley

6. This ultimate tiddylicious truth

Twitter / @OhGodItsAlexis

7. This chilling truth (hehe get it?)

Twitter / @Kendragarden

8. This all too real fact of life as a lady

Twitter / @thatharryho

9. This post-break up ritual

Twitter / @nicolemilfie

10. This short but not short hair struggle

Twitter / @AlisonLeiby

11. This emotional and physical yearly scheduled breakdown come beach season

Twitter / @SardonicTart

12. And lastly, this very zen beauty regimen


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