12 Unique Summer Date Ideas That’ll Get You A Call Back

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Now that summer is here, the lazy dater’s probably missing winter like mad since they’ve literally only got one date option: do something indoors.

The best thing about summer dates is that they’re so full of potential! You’ve got so much to work with including the outdoors! Usually this would mean more work for you but since I’m the best, I got you covered.

Whether you’ve heard of doing these as a date or not, each of these summer date ideas will have a unique twist, scout’s honor!

1. Plan a ‘dessert only’ picnic for a summer date twist!

Take the traditional picnic and flip it on its head! Pack donuts from your local donut place, pack some fruit, pack some chocolates, and pack some pastries. Cut everything up into bite size pieces so it’s more of a “tapas” style. Bring some dessert wine, some beers or even just plain milk!

If you do choose to go the milk route, set the date during or after sun set or you’ll end up like this scene from Anchorman.

2. Go to a drive-in movie but make it luxurious!

Don’t just go to a drive-in movie, go to a drive-in movie RIGHT. Pack multiple blankets to make the backseat as cozy as possible. If you have a truck, even better! Pack snacks, pillows, drinks, and bug spray. For those really wanting to take it up a notch, pack a Hibachi grill and quick-light charcoal (lighter fluid, too, if needed) and all the fixins to make some S’mores!

Source: Pinterest

3. Upgrade a regular coffee date by bringing bird seed to feed ducks in the park!

Fun fact: don’t feed ducks/birds bread! It’s actually not that great for them.

What is great, however, is some birdseed! Why not take the coffee date outside and instead of aimlessly walking around, turn it into a fun way to connect with nature.

4. Go fishing!

As a person who hates fishing, I went once and it was surprisingly fun just spending time outside with people. Plus, it helps provide that super cute date cliche if your date is a first-timer and needs your assistance! It’s your queue to shine, love!

5. Go paint balling!

Nothing says “fun date!” like cute, coy, sexually-tense competition! The winner has to give the loser a consolation kiss…and consolation ice cream, ’cause that’s the real prize here, let’s be honest.

6. Go for a 20 questions themed hike

Pack a backpack, trail mix, water, and come prepared with a list of twenty questions to kick it back old school. Obviously don’t whip out a giant list because that’s kind of weird, but bring up a 20 questions game while you hike to get to know each other better! Soaking up the sun and each other is the most wholesome of dates.

7. Do touristy stuff in your own city!

We always forget to be tourists in our own city! Like even the people who live in New York city forget they live in goddamn NEW YORK CITY! Use this date to do some gimmicky, touristy type things so you don’t miss out on whichever beautiful city you live in! Plus, it honestly ends up feeling like you actually went on a mini vacation. For real, try it.

Source: Instagram/@annanna__

8. Go to the beach but bring board games with you!

A little sand, a little sun, a little table flip here and there. Just don’t bring Monopoly ’cause that shit will break relationships APART; first date, 18 years, it doesn’t matter, Monopoly doesn’t discriminate.

Source: me.me

9. Rent a luxury sports car and take it out for a drive!

Convertibles are the best in the summer so why not rent one out for the day and go for a spin!? Make sure your date is also on the insurance so they can drive it, too!

10. Buy a projector and create your own backyard movie theatre for a yearly summer date idea!

Add a little twinkle lights and this can be a yearly date idea! Below is some inspo! (Don’t worry, we won’t hold you to that VERY high aesthetic standard!)

Source: Pinterest

11. Get creative this summer with your own wine and paint night!

Buy all the supplies necessary, especially the wine (or beer) and set up a workspace outside!

You can choose an inspo piece of art together or just wing it and let your individual creativity sore! Best thing about this summer date idea? Comparing the art once you’re done usually ends with both of you laughing hysterically!

12. Mini-Putt but the loser has to donate $20 to a charity of the winner’s choice!

Up the ante with some money but do good at the same time; win-win!

This isn’t just a neat spin on the age-old Mini-Putt date night, it’s actually a good way to know what causes are important to your date and if you both align on your values!

Values are arguably one of the most important things to be on the same page about for a successful and happy relationship. I talk about this in more detailhere.

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