12 Hilariously Dumb Reasons People Broke Up With Someone

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Ever heard of the ick? It’s a real thing! And it can strike at any given moment, which is exactly why these hilariously dumb reasons are actually pretty valid.

You might catch a serious case of the ick when your partner does something that turns you off and no matter what you do you just can’t get over it! There’s no turning it back on! But that doesn’t mean we can’t laugh at the hilarious breaking point that people chose to end their relationship over.

I’m sure they had a solid chuckle, too. Well, at least the dumper did.

Here are 12 absolutely dumb reasons people ended their relationships:

1. This disrespectful movie goer


2. This sign-to-speech passenger


3. This person who pronounced milk like…this.


4. This red wine faux pas maker


5. This internalized toxic masculinity externalized

Honestly, this is the least dumb reason out of the bunch. It’s actually the most valid reason to break up with someone in this bunch LOL


6. This lady who puts the mustard on the skin?


7. This broke college student diet


8. This off-key car karaoke participant


9. This burger snatcher (and a liar, really)


10. This picky, picky eater


11. This shrunken dilemma


12. And last but not least, this belcher


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