11 Things To FaceTime Your Friends About That Aren’t The Coronavirus

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Did anyone FaceTime their friends to try and live a semblance of a normal life only to end up talking about the virus the whole time? Because same.

And ick, I hated it. The whole purpose of FaceTiming friends is to escape it all. Not just get dragged further into the existential dread and doom. But like, can you really blame any of us?

The coronavirus has consumed us in more ways than one; and just as it’s important to stay informed, decompressing and distancing yourself from it all is as crucial.

We’re social distancing from people AND the whole situation in this article, mkay? So, here are some helpful prompts to guide your FaceTime hangouts so that you don’t end up talking about COVID-19 the whole damn time. Take this opportunity to talk about things that are positive, funny, or to even ask things that let us get to know each other on a deeper level! Let’s dive in!

1. ‘If you could dine with any 3 public figures (dead or alive) who would they be?’

This question will illuminate what your friends truly prioritize and enjoy! Plus, it opens a world of future questions when they give you their answers, literal fun for hours, you’re welcome.

2. ‘What did you actually wanna be when you grew up and why?’

We like to think we know our friends better than anyone in the world but if you think about your friends, can you answer this question? If not, maybe you should ask! There’s something carefree and warm about talking about childhood and the dreams that came with it.

A sense of hope that we all desperately could use right about now, you know? It’s the small things.

3. Talk about this 100-year old horn dog:

Because it’s hilarious and it definitely gets laid way more than any of us on this planet.

Source: Instagram / thehappynewspaper

4. ‘What makes you feel your most authentic?’

No one asks us that and why the hell not! It’s super important to know your friends genuinely and what makes them feel authentic is an important thing to know. What makes your friends really happy? Where do they feel their best? What do they feel their best doing? What do they feel their best wearing? The list goes on.

And you know what?! It’s a really hard question to answer so y’all are definitely gonna spend at least 30 minutes trying to figure it out.

5. What are 5 things you absolutely needed before self-isolating/social distancing?

I know this is sortaaaaa talking about the virus but it’s actually quite cool seeing what everyone’s prioritized. Plus, if any of your friends confess that they were one of the people who hoarded toilet paper and almost punched an old lady for it, you know what to do.

6. This guy who won a roll of toilet paper from a claw machine

Yes, some place filled their claw machine with toilet paper and some guy actually won one! I hope he didn’t get mugged on his way home.

Source: Yahoo

7. Talk about Massimo Bottura, award-winning Chef who’s using this time to teach cooking classes for FREE on his Instagram!

Imagine what the next IRL group hangout will be like if all of you can cook like an AWARD-WINNING CHEF? Bet y’all end up group isolating for the rest of time anyway just ’cause what’d you need to leave the house for?! You’ve got bomb food, good company, and a bathroom.

Source: Instagram/massimobottura

8. Talk about how rats will avoid hurting other rats even if it means they get a treat 😭

Like, can rats run the world or?? I mean, they might spread some other type of plague at some point but like…at least there’d be no war?

9. ‘What’s the weirdest thing you do when people aren’t looking?’

Get to know your friends quirks and the weird shit they do when they’re alone. Depending on how close you guys are, you might get some real freaky answers.

10. ‘If you could go anywhere in the world after this nightmare and airports are open, where would you go?’

This might even drunkenly evolve into actually planning for a future trip when things settle down!

11. Don’t forget to ask your friends how their families are doing, too!

Some of your friends and their families will be struggling during this time so just a reminder to check in on them and see how they’re doing. Sometimes even a good vent will help your friend out; even if they didn’t know they needed it.

Stay safe, keep practicing social distancing/self-isolation and proper hygiene! Stay sane and support each other!

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