11 Relatable Tweets About Love During A Pandemic

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Love in the time of coronavirus is hard, okay? How do you keep the spark alive from at least 6 ft apart? Are those butterflies in my tummy or is that the feeling of imminent danger and dread?

While we may not have all of the answers, here are a few tips to keep the spark alive between friends and some ways to practice social distancing while still dating people! And for those who don’t need actual answers, keep reading for a list of relatable tweets that’ll keep you distracted for roughly 4 minutes.

1. This novel breakup method

Source: Twitter / @AliKolbert

2. This painful truth

Source: Twitter / @EJSamson

3. This baby making confession lots of couples should be making

Source: Twitter / @ParkerLawyer

4. This wish that’s frighteningly close to a restraining order?

Source: Twitter / @Peauxtassium

5. This cheeky bugger who’s not shy at all

Source: Twitter / @RodLacroix

6. This person who’s just trying to be socially responsible

Source: Twitter / @sarachcpr

7. This attack on my own person (and an attack on yours too, I’m sure)

Source: Twitter / @jlazebnik

8. This Prince Charmin’

Source: Twitter / @WilliamAder

9. This unintentional double-entendre

Source: Twitter / @HeSlimedMeRay

10. This passive aggressive WFH tip that I personally very much enjoy

Source: Twitter / @mollytolsky

11. And last but definitely not least, this TRUTH.

Source: Twitter / @MommaUnfiltered

No relationships were harmed in the making of this article. We hope, anyway. If there were, I guess they’re ready to try Clover!

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