10 Ways To Date While Practicing Social Distancing

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If you’re self-isolating, thank you for doing what you can to help during the pandemic.

If you’re unable to because of personal reasons like you’re still being called in to work, you know the drill: wash your hands, don’t touch your face/nose/eyes, try to stay at least 6 feet apart from people, and avoid crowded areas outside of work hours!

And if you aren’t in a country with a state-mandated lock down, some of these tips will actually help you go on a one-on-one physical date outside just like we used to back in the good ol’ days.

But whether you’re inside self-isolating or are outside trying to survive in what feels like The Wild, Wild, West crossed with Contagion, the important things is that you practice proper hygiene and social distancing at all times.

Make sure you stay current on any changes in your area and follow the recommendations and instructions of healthcare officials and/or the government.

1. A Starbucks Grab n’ Go coffee date!

Obviously, if you’re not supposed to leave your house, please don’t!

But, the good news is, Starbucks is removing its seating inside its locations to promote social distancing!

If you want to feel like you aren’t living in a really scary episode of Black Mirror, and want a shred of normal life: grab a coffee with someone and stay at least 6 feet apart while taking a walk outside (avoiding crowded areas)!

Yeah, it might be awkward (kinda like when they told you to leave room for Jesus at your Catholic school dance) but safety first, friends!

Plus, sanitize, sanitize, sanitize as much as possible while you’re out and when you get home!

2. Netflix and chill on FaceTime

Set up a ‘remote’ Netflix and chill arrangement, make some food or order delivery from your local pizzeria (support local business during times like this!) to your respective houses (which means, yes, you’d each have a WHOLE pizza to yourselves) and spend the night stuffing your faces, together, but apart!

Netflix also JUST added Netflix Party which is an extension you download that offers a text messaging chat so you can talk to your friends while something’s playing. OH MY GOD!

3. Pretend you’re fancy in your Dorito-stained self-isolation sweats by going on a virtual tour of one of these famous museums!

Google Arts and Culture teamed up with over 2500 famous museums and galleries around the world to give literally anyone and everyone access to virtual tours and online exhibits! Like, can this date GET any cuter AND SAFER/SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE?!

4. Talk on the phone like lovers dooooo

Like, as teens we’d talk for hoooours on end on our razr flip phones, but can anyone even remember what the hell we’d talk about?

And if you’ve got anything during these strange times, it’s time, so why not do some silly, nostalgia-inducing stuff; you might just love it!

5. Sweat the COVID-19 anxiety out

Find a decent home workout on YouTube (or literally anywhere else) and try it together! Up the fun by turning on a video chat so you can physically see each other working out, working up a sweat, you know?

“Couples that self-isolate but get fit together, stay together”

-A Post-Apocalyptic Global Proverb

6. Take your doggos for a walkos

I might have you thinking ‘WHAT IS EVEN THE POINT IF I HAVE TO WALK 6 FEET AWAY FROM THEM’ but honestly, you can do a lot of conversing! Your dogs will still need to walk, walking makes them ridiculously happy, and if you still hate this idea, keep scrolling, damn!

7. Hoard games, not toilet paper

Download games to play together, like Game Pigeon! It’s a collection of games that you play via text message/iMessage! Staying home doesn’t have to mean being bored, plus, a little friendly competition makes things fun until you can hang IRL.

8. Do something for the soul like play music and listening to it together over FaceTime

If either (or both) of you play an instrument, jam it out on video chat! If neither of you are talented (neither am I), put some tunes on, have a few laughs and just be.

9. Become TikTok famous together

You know you’ve been wanting to, just swallow your shame and try one video. It’s clearly addictive, so choose a dance and learn it virtually together or if you live together, do the in real life version. You know, like we all used to be able to do back in the day, sigh.

10. Set up blanket forts in your apartments and hangout in them ‘together’ virtually!

If blanket forts don’t get you literally the most excited, I don’t know what to tell you. But like, hang out in there, read a book to each other, read quietly together, tell scary stories, talk, DO WHATEVER! It’ll soothe the soul, child. You’ll thank me later, I promise.

Thinking of trying any of these date ideas? Let us know how they turn out!

And if you do decide to still go on in-person dates (if you’re in an area not currently on lockdown), make sure the date is outside, you’re at least 6ft away from each other and don’t go to any crowded places.

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