10 Texts To Send A Stressed Out Partner

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Your new partner is stressed the EFF out. What do you do?

Panic? Probably a little at first ’cause it sucks feeling helpless watching someone we care about frantically stress out about something especially if we aren’t physically there to help them out.

But there’s a silver lining: a study published in Computers in Human Behavior in 2018 proved that a simple supportive text from a loved one can be really effective.

Researchers at the University of California tasked 75 women to prepare a public speech in four minutes while their partners were in another room.

Some stressed out women got no text all, some got a simple, supportive text like “You’ll do great! Breathe!” And others got a text but about something mundane, like the weather.

I mean, the results aren’t all that shocking. The two groups who got texts (even mundane texts about the weather) felt more loved and cared for in comparison to those who didn’t.

What’s even more crazy? Those who got a mundane text actually reduced the participants’ blood pressure. The proof is in the text: sometimes all you need to do is distract your boo to calm them right down!

Here are a few supportive, funny, and distracting text inspirations to bring on the zen:

1. “You’ve got this, babe. You’ve worked very hard for this and are more than prepared. Kill it!”

2. “I just want you to know that I’m unbelievably proud of you, every day!”

3. “I’ve got a surprise for you, let me know if I can swing by tonight”

4. “I know you’ve got a big day ahead so no need to respond. Just wanted you to know that you are AWESOME and I’m proud of you. Have the best day!”

5. “Redeem this text for one back rub and some chickie nuggies.”

6. “I know you’ve been under a lot of stress so I’ve booked and paid for a massage for you this Saturday at _________ Spa”

7. “Remember, you’ve made it out of ______ (other life obstacle), you’ll make it out of this. You’re badass.”

8. “At lunch, let’s go for ice cream. I’ll pick you up. Yeah?”

9. “You’re the shit. That is all.”

10. “If you need to vent, you know I’m here to listen. I’ll also bring wine, wine helps.”

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