10 Gin Facts To Impress Your Date This World Gin Day!

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Gin is like the cilantro of the booze world. Either you hate it or you love it, and there’s no real in between. Understandably so; it’s got complex flavors with unique spices and an aftertaste that takes getting used to. For those who love it, World Gin Day falls on June 8th! Get those glasses out!

Gin is well-known for its signature drink: the ‘G&T’ but it’s so much more versatile than that! Plus, it’s got a pretty good list of fun facts you probably didn’t know about. Let’s put you to the test.

Increase your Gintelligence with these facts! (You can hate me, that pun was terrible and I deserve it).

1. Order a Caesar with Gin instead of Vodka.

If you like Caesar’s, replace the Vodka base with Gin. It’s life-changing and adds a depth of flavor that takes the drink to a whole new level. Funnily enough, years before the vodka-based Caesar/Bloody Mary came to creation, the number 1 hangover cure in 1928, New York City, was a tomato juice and Gin concoction!

2. Out with Wine tours, in with Gin tours!

There’s actually a Gin Tour in Cape Town, South Africa. Yep. A goddamn Gin tour. You’re not expected to be a functional human being at the end of this tour, ’cause how can you possibly be? Right?!

3. Gin Spas exist…at least in Scotland they do.

There’s a Gin Spa, literally called The Gin Spa, in Scotland started by the makers of Gin71. The spa describes itself as being “the first botanically inspired day spa in the world.”

4. Marshmallow-infused Gin is a real thing.

And yes, it’s totally socially acceptable to run out of wherever you are, wearing whatever you are wearing, to go and snag a bottle of this sweet sounding adult-treat!

Source: BT

5. Hay fever symptoms can be soothed by choosing a Gin and Tonic.

I know it sounds like I’m making this up at this point, but I promise I’m not. A study came to this conclusion, not me. It won’t cure hay fever, obviously, but it has a low histamine content so you can still enjoy a drink while feeling like poop and it won’t exacerbate the symptoms!

In addition, Gin has no sulfites which is awesome for those with allergies.

6. The Gin and Tonic was mistakenly created by British soldiers in India.

In order to ward off malaria, British soldiers had a ration of quinine to drink. In a desperate attempt to make this bitter drink taste better, they added Gin to it! Ta daaaaa!

7. You’re not supposed to drink Gin neat.

So definitely don’t do it on World Gin Day. I mean, ew, why would you want to anyway, you weirdo!

8. Gin is basically just Vodka with Juniper berries and other spices for a unique flavor.

What a trickster.

9. The largest Gin market worldwide is in the Philippines!

Even though the British are known to love Gin, it’s actually the Philippines that has the largest Gin market worldwide. It accounts for almost 50% of the Gin market globally.

10. Juniper berries aren’t a berry!

Plot twist: they’re basically just fleshy pinecones which gives them their very ‘berry’ look.

Bonus tip: If you like Gin and Tonic, you could very well be a psychopath.

According to a study conducted by the Innsbruck University in Austria , people who enjoy bitter foods and drinks also have more malevolent traits. Oh well, I guess, eh?

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