10 Fathers You Wish You Could Call Daddy

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Only rule of this article:

  1. NO Kinkshaming

That’s it. That’s the only rule of this slightly twisted take on Father’s Day. I kid, none of this has to do with actual kinks. Chill.

Hear me out, Father’s Day is very important but let’s spice it up a tad and also have a Daddy’s Day. They’re both VERY different days.

I’m totally expecting tons of people to say “but if females were objectified like this, the whole world would have a fit” but men have been doing this for years to women, it’s our turn!


All joking aside, we’re actually going to focus on a lot more than just their looks because it’s not only their physical appearance that gives them their daddy title.

1. Chris “Daddy” Hemsworth

Although he’s one of the sexiest men alive, quite literally (he won ‘People’ Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive title in 2014), he’s still an incredibly humble human being in real life.

Melissa McCarthy even mentioned that he seemed too perfect to be true and that she “needed something to be wrong with him.” Well, there’s nothing wrong with him. He’s apparently just the closest thing to perfect a human could be.

Source: Instagram/@chrishemsworth

2. Idris “Daddy” Elba

Where do we even begin? Idris Elba, you sweet, sweet, summer child.

Fun fact: before his acting career, he used to be a House DJ! Like, actually.

More importantly, he was elected back in 2009 to be the spokesperson and Anti-Crime Ambassador for the Prince’s Trust, a charity started by Prince Charles. The crazy thing? This was the same charity that supported HIM when he was a youth and had given him a grant.

Oh, and he, too, won the Sexiest Man Alive award, ’cause duh.

Source: Instagram/@idriselba

3. Ricky “Daddy” Martin

The fact that Ricky Martin is a part of this list means that you get two daddies for the price of one ’cause his husband is fine as all hell too.

But moving on to the real important part of his highlight, he wrote a children’s book in 2013 called Santiago The Dreamer in Land Among The Stars. It’s about a boy who follows his heart and his dream of becoming a singer, supported by a loving father who recognizes his son’s potential. AWWW.

Source: Instagram/@rickymartin

4. Channing “Daddy” Tatum

You were worried he wouldn’t be on this list, weren’t you?

Not only does he have big d energy, he’s got a big heart. He’s a huge supporter of a charity called Daisy Cares which is “a charity for domestic animals, which my [then] wife Jenna Dewan-Tatum, as well as Brad Pitt, Christina Aguilera and Lady Gaga supports through eBay Celebrity”.

Source: Instagram/@channingtatum

5. Aaron “Daddy” Paul

If you thought new dad Aaron Paul was dreamy before, you’re gonna wanna take a cold shower after reading this: both he and his wife, Lauren, actively support an anti-bullying organization called the Kind Campaign.

Source: Instagram/@glassofwhiskey

6. Tom “Daddy” Hardy

Named one of GQ’s Best Dressed Men, Tom Hardy has been bae for years. Him and his wife, Charlotte Riley, support Bowel Cancer UK and have two rescue dogs. Can you say BEST PEOPLE EVER?!

Source: Instagram/@tomhardy

7. Chance The “Daddy” Rapper

This badass human was the first independent artist in history to win a Grammy (make that, 3 Grammies) without selling physical copies of his albums!

Not only that, but he was behind an anti-gun violence Twitter campaign in 2014 for Chicago, his hometown. This campaign was successful for a whole 2 days, which is actually amazing considering Chicago’s gun violence issue.

Source: Instagram/@chancetherapper

8. Sir Daddy Jeff Goldblum

I added the sir because he is the daddy of all daddies and you can’t argue that fact.

Betcha didn’t know though, Jeff Goldblum cofounded an acting school in Los Angeles in 1981. And he’s so sensitive that he cries sometimes when he listens to music and has to explain to his 3 year old why he’s crying. UGH, YES, WE LOVE A SENSITIVE DADDY!

Source: Instagram/@jeffgolblum

9. John “Daddy” Krasinski


Source: Instagram/@johnkrasinski

10. David “Daddy” Beckham

A classic.

Not only is he a total heartthrob that keeps getting better with time, but Beckham has been a UNICEF supporter since wayyyy back during his time with Manchester United.

He also became a Goodwill Ambassador with a special focus on UNICEF’s Sports for Development program in 2005 😍😍😍😍😍

Source: Instagram/@davidbeckham

Happy Father’s Day to all the Fathers and Daddies out there. Share this with a total daddy in your life πŸ˜›

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