10 COVID-19 Inspired Halloween Costumes You Have To See

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Is halloween cancelled? Maybe!

But that doesn’t mean you can’t laugh hysterically at these incredible costumes that are just SO clever.

Plus, if you do order one, you could also wear it, buy a ton of candy and just eat it on your couch while watching your favorite spooky movie. Or have a little photoshoot while pumpkin carving/pumpkin painting.

Just because the usual halloween plans are cancelled or modified, it doesn’t mean you can’t make different memories, traditions and experiences with your family/roommates! And, it’s not like we’re short on spookiness, we deal with halloween monsters in our own lives every damn day.

And although the COVID-19 pandemic is nothing to laugh at, these costumes hilariously mark a time in our collective history that we will not forget: the year 2020.

These are the costumes fresh off the press for 2020!

1. Hand Sanitizer costume

She was your BFF during the goddamn pandemic (that we are still living in, FYI, don’t forget!) so why not dress up as our favorite super hero?

2. Fake News

Fake news was RAMPANT with the COVID-19 crisis so pay homage to that in a halloween costume!

3. Mail-In Ballot costume

Democracy! Because even halloween costumes can be political!

4. Murder Hornet

Because why not be one of the freakiest (tangible) things we’ve seen in 2020.

5. Postal Service costume

Good things come in small packages even in halloween costumes.

6. Banned App (yes, they’re referring to TikTok)

Dance like no ones watching…because the app is banned.

7. Banana Bread costume

Because who the hell didn’t make banana bread in quarantine. That and regular bread. There was a dry yeast shortage in SO MANY cities!


8. Nuclear Destruction costume

Because remember in Jan when we were on the brink of WWIII? Plus who knows what else is in store. There’s a few months left of 2020, ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN.

9. This one needs no title. Y’all know what it is.

Some of us may have gotten very well acquainted with chill vibes in quarantine.

10. Donald Trump

The second most polarizing figure after Candy Corn got a revamped costume for 2020! The original ‘Donald T. Rumpshaker’ costume is here.

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